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Energy Audits & Services

Energy Audits - 2 Levels 


1.  Visual inspection includes: Utility bill review; Thermal shell inspection including 

insulation, air sealing and windows; 

Mechanical systems including HVAC, hot 

water, and lighting; Complete gas line inspection; Production and storage check. 

$150.00 for homes under 2000sqft, $200 for > 2000 sq ft., $300 for >3000 sq ft.

2.  Tested Inspection.  All of the above and a blower door (home draft test), a duct blaster (duct leakage test) and a formal report (Snugg Pro) that provides home energy pathway details and remediation measures for  $750-$900, depending upon sq ft.

Conservation & Efficiency


REDUCE, THEN PRODUCE.  The old saw still applies.  Conservation & Efficiency measures can reduce a home's usage by up to 30-50%.  It pays to do this work first.

"Conservation" typically refers to your home's thermal shell.  Does it hold the temperature you desire.  It's why we check the insulation, windows, and draftiness of a home 1st.

"Efficiency" refers to your home equipment.  If they are running poorly, like with leaky ducts, you'll spend extra to keep your home comfortable, driving up your bills.  We can get the efficiency right before the solar goes up.

Production and Storage


As a decades-long SOLAR professional, I can create a perfectly sized system for your power needs-at the best price!  I can accurately project the drop from conservation and efficiency measures, and I will accurately estimate your future needs for electric cars or heat pumps for water or comfort, etc.  Why are you still paying exhorbitant utility rates?


BATTERY BACK UP - You may want a battery if you are concerned about the power shutting off.  Solar works in concert with batteries too.  I represent 4 different battery systems.  You can get off the expensive grid, with the right equipment at the right price.


"I have tried for years to get solar but my roof is not ideal and it was not until Peter came by and with the help of the entire team helped design and install the state of the art system that is producing enough power to reduce my electric bill to nothing and I will never have to worry about electric bill increases again." 

Tim P. San Rafael, CA

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