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Calamity Down South, Gas Leak(s) of the Week June 26, 2021. 3 leaks in 1 home, Asuza, CA - and more.

I was called in for home comfort issues. The home had a huge solar array up top, but this was exactly the kind of place that has me looking beyond solar. Super rickety single pane, aluminum frame windows all around the house are giant thermal holes in the house, no - literally zero insulation in the attic, and a poorly designed HVAC system that was too small and running all the time were main features. Yeah, they had a huge solar array up top that must.have cost.a fortune, but they were still never comfortable in their home! If the client added insulation and fixed the windows, the A/C would probably keep up with a little duct-work repair and the solar cost would have just been a fraction of the oversized system - and they would be comfortable in their home for once. Here's the gas leaks...

This gas leak was direclty under the stove in the kitchen, not far from the open flame, right?

This gas leak was at the hot water heater, not an uncommon place for a leak.

The first gas leak was at the meter. Asuza has its own gas company, but there still isn't any regular maintenance built in to the system. It is all on homeowners to find and call in leaks.

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