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Tight Fit In Tiburon - Solar Job Squeezes In For The 2021 Solar Tax Credit December 20, 2021

Knowing the business helps. A referral client in Tiburon needed some help. They had a 10 year solar lease that was expiring and they weren't sure what to do, and they needed more power. Often during a comprehensive home energy audit, I get asked, "Can I add more solar power later if I need it?" during the solar part of the conversation. My answer is always the same, "With me, yes." I helped the clients negotiate a lower-cost buy-out of the old equipment on the other side of the roof, then added the new array you see in the photo below, tied in together at the smart meter. The tricky thing is, there are fire lane setbacks to consider and the vent in the foreground, so the new, regular larger panels didn't fit. I got the clients a great deal on 9 brand new but older panels from the back of a solar warehouse in Sacramento - negotiated close out prices for them, and they fit on the roof perfectly! This was one of the more challenging and rewarding solar jobs I've ever worked on, all with a lovely view from the roof.

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