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Trouble in a Terra Linda Eichler - Gas Leak of the Week July 2, 2021

A Marin County Eichler - Just 2 inches of attic insulation, wants solar power, we find the leak at the meter in the garage. Eichlers, while stunningly beautiful, were not built with energy efficiency in mind and present this odd dichotomy: They were built to bring the awe inspiring natural world of CA inside the home but they are terrible energy-wise, with vaulted ceilings (almost no insulation!), lots of single pane windows, radiant floor heating that runs on gas, etc. Compared to a home that can have a stronger thermal shell that allows a homeowner to better control their inside living space from the outside swings, Eichler's are turning out to be not so great after all. It takes a lot of energy (and environmentally destructive greenhouse gasses) to control the living space inside of an Eichler home and/or a great expense to rectify an Eichler's built-in energy shortcomings.

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